Prove and Improve Your Marketing ROI

ROI Metrics marketing attribution platform helps advertisers, agencies and consultants improve cross-channel advertising performance by measuring and optimizing against the right metrics for maximum revenue and profit.

How Does it Work?

ROI Metrics connects all of your campaigns, prospects, sales and revenue in one place to streamline reporting and optimization of revenue directly attributed to marketing.Tracking prospects from first click to closed sale means that every vendor, channel and campaign is measured against ROI so you can stop spending on campaigns that lose money and quickly optimize your marketing spend for maximum profits.

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Get all of your data together in one view by using built-in API connectors to integrate all of your marketing channels, campaigns and applications.

ROI Metrics works with your favorite channels and apps including Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, MailChimp and Call Tracking solutions.


Track prospects from first click to closed deal to understand user behavior and accurately attribute sources of traffic, conversions, sales and revenue.

Coordinate all of your marketing channels (including Paid Search, Display, Organic Search, Email, Social, TV/Radio or other any other media format) using advanced multi-touchpoint attribution to make sure all marketing interactions that influenced a sale get credited accurately.


Easily manage your prospect pipeline with frictionless technology to update prospect status, sales and revenue data. Work with automated Prospect Manager email reply templates, integrate with CRM software or log in as a stand alone solution to efficiently move your prospects through the marketing and sales funnel.


Actionable insights are just a click away with ROI Metrics cross channel marketing reports. Pre-built reports focus on the important metrics to give advertisers, executives and business owners a meaningful summary of marketing performance in a clear, concise format. Export reports to PDF for sharing and meeting-ready printing.


Turn your data into profits by leveraging ROI Metrics lead scoring and automation features to automatically attract and convert more of your ideal customers.

Actionable reporting insights help you further optimize your marketing mix and budget allocation, getting rid of campaigns that lose money while investing more in your most profitable campaigns.

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.

Lord Kelvin (1824-1907)

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